Vernacular - English


la1become; with the verb: "A" (la + a=laa=l'a=la), la means: to need, to wish, to like, to love, to have a mind tonanene kimuv koli laiwe are sadlali lato knowpelu lato become weakne kimuv ipo laiI'm thirstyneve kimuv kulupu laiI want pandanus fruitome lapue (la apue)he loved him
la2v-2go, start, leavemaitua lago to the villagena laeala maiti kavaI'll go to see the villagena utale, laeI talked, go!la voe lato go oftenomene kimuv ulo lahis heart left (he became excited)la kinaadd, be adjoining
lat1n-Roundstomachlat enato close the doorlat leuto be hungrylat uto do nothing but standingpolu ome latepig's bowelsivaune polu late ipoa mithe women are cleaning the pig's bowelslat likiv ato have mercy, to have pity, to repent, to be sadlat muiladisappear, vanish
laatn-Roundkind of clay, mourning claylaat kudaub oneself with clay for mourning
laalawork slowly
laalavarear of the house
laeminaigo back
laipn-Femcress, water cress
laimapn-Femporcupine, cuscus
lakoloalmost, nearly
lalav11children playing2n-Longgame for children
lalat1kind of fern (used for making bracelet)2snake skin (the old dry one left at moulting time)3n-Roundcotton, down of fruit, wastesmaukele ome lalatethe wastes of the pumkin
lalagolale lato be dried, to get drycfkare
lalav2rustlelalav tarustleea valupu lalav taiThe leaves of the tree are rustling.
lalitn-Roundwork, occupation, employmentlalit ato worknu pie ami lalit ayou are a big boy, worklalitue kaloboss of the work
lali21v-2cooked, cooked food, ripe2cfali
laliatn-Rounddaylalia utuasome daylalia leileituathe day after tomorrow