Vernacular - English


oanisuff : when, aftercfani
oetn-Roundashoetua lalito cook in ashesoetuashe-coloured, ashy, whitishoeti tagetting ashes ready to cook in
oePOSS; ash
oeavadeep, precipiceoeava kaleavaoutside the precipice
oithis, hereoiaithese twooialathis thing (plur.: oiaraun)konae oialaunthese things to comeoiatathis fashionloio aile oiati apetete?what's the name of this fashion of doing like that?oiavaflat ground meets the river, plainoieavaprecipice, depthulai oledeep place, precipiceoienethe one from hereoinemathe people from herecfoiatecfala
oienkasee this, here is
oilovtoday, nowlavit oiloat evening timetetea oilolater onoilovtoday, nowoilov kuvionathis afternoonoilov lavituathis night
oilumground for garden (yams and potatoes)valema oilovo oilume miathe men today will till the groundoilu tovianato clean the groundoilume lalitgarden work
oioadvlike this, as this, such as thisnu oio otiayou'll tie like thisoio ato do like thisoio ueto be, to stand like thisoio vueto be, to stand like thisnu oiovuepa mialayou'll take some such as this
oioipaithese two women there (dual fem)
oiokesuff adding a meaning of pity (this poor fellow)
oipinative cloth
oitata1on this side2part, share
oiteoite kinato make the partsoiutea part
oiti1small heap of leaves or boughs, to indicate somebody's death spot
oiti2come here, this wayevole tigo down thereomene tie kavalook at his walknu lulo titinio na ulo nu kaealayou should go, I would see you (ti-ti~nio: the "ti" is for: ti=to go, and the "ti" is the ending of conditional 2nd pers.: titine or titine)mi tito bringen ti van tito walk to and frokona ti kota tito go in and to go out
oividemthis, this thingoiticome hereoi kasee hereoi uhere ispioi munupithis small boyepioipithis girloialathis thingvalete oiwho is this?nu tenei miale? na ulo oi mialawhich will you take? I'll take thisoithis thingoi melopaunknown thing
okovn-Long1many, numerous2 entire, whole, all3 greedy