Vernacular - English


u2cfumuleadjective indefinite,one, some, any, anybody, somebody, a, anpl.uma1
u1cfuiClass 1 verbbe, there is, sit, be seated, lie down, dwell, staykupe kiatua uThere are potatoes at home.ipe ulo uThere is water.ip epe ili uThere is still water in the bamboo.itane pi ila uopueYesterday, there was water in bamboo.ip ulo uaThere will be waterloio uia(we) feeling like that (in that condition)kimut uto blow one's nose (to pinch the nose)vaet uto tighten a tralne kulup ma uDon't pick my pandanus
uai kalu uthree
uainvine (The English 'w' is prounounced 'ua')uain eatvine
uakovoClass V nounwindpipe (anat ), throat
ualunsomething, a thing [apek. forzoiara)
uataClass 1 verbtell something to somebody, quote. howl, shriek, screamomeva uatahe told himteam uataeas one would say
uatipatimake disorder, raise dissensionsuatipati aiatesedition monger
ueminaicfumevwhile he was
ueolethe dwelling place Do not confuse with 'uore' someplace, somewhere
uevacfumehe is there
uicfu1cutna ulo kulup uilaI cropped the pandanus
uiniClass 2 verbthink on, remembernu ketua nu ketu uiniRemember of yourselfnanei uini ulo kaipa uiniapaWe'll cannot help remembering
uiniatClass AT nounthought
uinilatthoughtuini kel inito pay attention to the remembrance, to think
uinilataClass AT nounthought
uleulecfalealewater slapping the river side
uliaClass 1 verbrub, wash
uliapaClass AP nounteeth root, gum and palatene uliapemy dear
uliliClass 1 nounkind of beetle
uliliamaClass AM nouncow horns, fang (of boars)pl.uliliamail
uliliamailpl. ofuliliamacow horns, fang (of boars)
ulilikapavadizziness, amazement, dazzlement